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Diamon Fusion Windshield Protection

Diamon-fusion Windshield Protection


DFI's patented nanotechnology can be easily installed on new and existing surfaces in homes, businesses, vehicles and many other environments. DFI's nanochemistry can be applied to most surfaces containing silica (silicon dioxide) such as glass, ceramic tile, porcelain, granite and quartz. The chemical reaction bonds to form an ultra-thin protective layer of optically clear material which makes the surface significantly easier to clean and resistant to weathering. The method is done at nano-scale levels, which is a length scale ranging from approximately 1 to 100 nanometers (1 nanometer is 1 billionth of a meter).


Untreated windshield glass is not smooth. When viewed microscopically, you would actually see peaks and valleys. These peaks and valleys create a surface similar to sand paper. This jagged edge surface connects better with flying road debris which then imparts more force to the glass and causes pitting, chipping and cracking. The peaks also create prisms where light is reflected and refracted causing vision distortion and glare. Water collects in the valleys, depositing dirt, minerals and other material that will stain and etch your windshield over time. With Diamon-Fusion® Windshield Treatment there are no more peaks and valleys to catch road debris, distort vision and create glare. The glass becomes much smoother, resulting in a clearer, cleaner and safer windshield. The bond created in the patented process is a covalent bond. A covalent bond means that the coating actually shares electrons with molecules in the glass itself, thus becoming part of the glass. Covalent bonds are approximately 10 times stronger than hydrogen-bridge bonds, which are commonly used in most other water repellent coatings.


  • Extends driver reaction time by improving visibility
  • Reduces windshield damage by deflecting small road debris
  • Is easier to clean, allowing insects to be easily washed away
  • Makes ice and snow equally easy to remove
  • Is UV resistant, so won't blister or peel like other coatings
  • Protects against acid rain, corrosion, and mineral buildup
  • Is Military-Grade

Diamon-Fusion® reduces the coefficient of friction and increases the possible weight load of glass by up to ten times, making it much more durable and resistant to normal cracks, chips and scratches.


Diamon-Fusion®, the world's leader in protective coatings for glass, tile, porcelain and granite surfaces now brings you Diamon-Fusion® Windshield Treatment for Automobiles and RVs.
  • Makes glass resistant to small road debris, preventing chips and cracks
  • Improves clarity and visibility extending driver reaction time
  • Reduces night glare
  • Repels water, ice, and snow, improving rain vision
  • Reduces pitting and scratching
  • Protects against acid rain and water spots


Independent studies prove that Diamon-Fusion® applied on windshields improves visibility. While driving, your safety can be compromised by night glare and other vision impairments. Tests show road debris imparts more force to untreated windshields, resulting in pitting, chipping, and cracking, which decreases safety and increases hassles and costs. Diamon-Fusion® reduces the coefficient of friction and increases the possible weight load of glass, by up to ten times, making it much more durable and resistant to pits, chips, and cracks. While others may make similar claims, DFI has the test results to prove it. (Test results by Alfred University Institute for Glass Science and Engineering.)
Diamon-fusion Windshield Protection


Just how important is an extra full second of visibility? VERY IMPORTANT...
A Diamon-Fusion® treated windshield provides additional reaction time when needed: 58 feet in distance when driving at 40 mph. As you can see in the photograph below, this saving in reaction time will save lives and prevent property damages.

Diamon-fusion Windshield Protection


  • Prevent Accidents
  • Protect Your Insurance Rates
  • Avoid Unnecessary Insurance Claims
  • Better Clarity, Visibility And Faster Reaction Time
  • Protect Your Investment
  • Protect Your Family
For more information on DFI's Diamon Fusion Windshield Protection, you can visit their website.